How to score a job interview with these 6 things on your winning resume

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What you put in your resume says a lot about your aspirations and goals in life. It is the first thing that a hiring manager will see and therefore you should fuss about its aesthetics. Rather, focus on the content of your resume that shows the value you will bring to the company and how you can an asset to the organisation. Think of it as a first date, or the first time that you are meeting with your partner’s family members. You would not want them to like you enough to want to continue their partnership with you. Similarly, your resume is that first impression and the invaluable chance for the hiring manager to want to meet with you and find out more about you in person.


1. A noteworthy objective statement

An outstanding design format or flowery graphics will make it difficult for the hiring manager to read. Therefore, your objective statement must clearly and concisely show the type of position that you are searching for based on your years of experience in your field.

A good objective statement must answer the job description of the position that you are applying for; whilst a great one shows how you and the organization will work together and further each other’s goals.


2. Skills and Areas of Competencies

Carefully read the job description and list down the skills that will make you a good match for the job.

You can further attract the attention of your potential employer by indicating your specific skills set that is relevant to the position that you are applying for. Feel free to include other relevant skills as well but always justify them with tangible statistics and figures. For example, you may wish to indicate how a marketing project that you were involved in and/or spearheaded had achieved or even surpassed its goals in terms of increase of sales by the targeted percentage.


3. Accomplishments and initiatives

For every position that you have held in an organisation, list down the measurable ways where you have helped improved the company improve. How did you change the way your team worked for better efficiency and/or turned a contentious incident into one of success?

Showing how you interact with your past colleagues will show the potential employer how you can fit into the social environment of the organisation.


4. Passion

Aside from your work experience, you should include activities that you’re engaged in outside of work. For example, you may be part of a volunteer group for the needy or other non-profit organisations. If you have any volunteer roles that have helped improve your professional skills, do not forget to include them in your resume as well.


5. Who you are

In summary, your resume must indicate the other roles and skills that make you the best candidate for the job. Avoid duties and responsibilities that are not within your scope because they will only serve as a distraction.

There are irrelevant things that must not be included in your resume depending on the type of job that you are applying for. Including unrelated job experiences and accomplishments in your resume will only make hiring managers think that you do not fully understand what they are looking for and therefore dismiss your application altogether. Also, do not include information just for the sake of including them to ‘supplement’ your resume. This will only lead to complications when you’ve been found out that you have not been honest in your resume.


6. Your digital footprint

Last but not least, most of us have a digital presence one way or another. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, et al, a hiring manager can simply search for you online. Even if you do not have any accounts in the aforementioned sites, your friends may ‘tag’ you on a photo or a post online. So remember to Google yourself and ensure that you can answer to any of your online presence.

For more information on your digital footprint, read more on my site at

Simply put, just be your best self and that will show through your resume.


Good luck!


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Amos Tay

Amos Tay

I have over 10 years’ experience in the Logistics and Transportation industry working both as an in-house HR professional as well as an external recruiter. I have a Gallup CliftonStrength certified coach. Connect with me for your next Logistics & Supply Chain hiring role.

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