Why am I not getting calls for job interviews?

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Wondering why you never get a response even after spending hours looking and applying for jobs online and sending resume via email? If that’s the case you definitely want to know how to get an interview after applying online. First of all, you are not alone! Many job seekers face the same problem, and the fact is that, not many of you are able to figure out what you’re doing wrong.

Why am I not getting calls for job interviews?

Here are the top 8 reasons why you’re not getting interview or being called after applying for a job:

Your Resume is Not Keywords Optimised

When you send in an application, you will be competing with hundreds of other applicants and companies automate their recruitment process so that they filter out “unqualified” candidates. Very often, they set keywords in their Applicant Tracking System so that they only see candidate that matches their requirements and competencies.

You’ve Been Forwarding Resumes to the Wrong Individual

Before clicking the Send button, make sure that your cover letter and resume is being sent to the right person. You can contact the company’s HR representative and ask for email address of the appropriate individual.

You Left Out Your Contact Details

It may be the most basic things to do but I have personally encountered incidents whereby resumes were sent in with incorrect contact details or even no contact details. No matter how good you are, there must be a way for us to reach you.

Your Resume Lack Quality

Your resume went on and on and you only mentioned about what you so. We probably know what you do but how have you stood out as compared to someone who does the same job as you? What are some of you career highlights and achievements? These details are often neglected.

You Lied in Your Resume

With the advancement of technology, we now can trace and compare the different versions of your resume that was sent across. Avoid changing your job title just to be seemed overqualified or under declare your salary because with a click of a button, we can compare any versions of your resume.

You’re Overqualified

Be sure to clearly specify the reason behind your willingness to take a job for which you are overqualified. You could have the desire to mentor or simply wanted a change of industry. State your reasons and allow the hiring manager to decide if he/she would like offer you an opportunity.

You’re Under-qualified

When you are under-qualified for the job, demonstrate how your functional skills may be an asset to the organization even though you may not have the relevant experience within the industry or years of experience required.

Your Resume Have Many Mistakes

You are so confident that you failed to check your mistakes and worst, if the mistakes are repeated. I personally have seen resumes that are attention to the wrong person or even the wrong job title applied for.

All of this may seem difficult, but the end result will be completely worth your efforts


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