I want to quit my job – What should I expect?

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Congratulations! You have just quit your job and you are taking a well-deserved break. There are a lot of reasons why someone would quit a job. It can be because of a lack of interest, change of career path or simply that you need to take time off. While you sit back and enjoy your newfound freedom, here’s what you can look forward to.

1. Leaving a Good Record Behind

Make sure to leave your workplace with a good record and make peace with any outstanding hard feelings. You never know when these ex-colleagues will come handy in the next step of your career.

2. It is Not as Scary as It Seems

Quitting your job to work on a craft that you love best is good for self-fulfillment. Not everyone working in offices love what they are doing. Sure, it puts food on the table. But at the end of the day, do you feel accomplished? Are you happy after a day’s work at the company that you are working for?

The fear of leaving security behind – your job – can be very daunting. But that’s because that is something unknown. Once you have quit your job, you will realize that it is not so bad at all. You can freelance for the meantime while scouting for your dream job.

3. Career Change for Self-Realisation

Is working for other people really what you wanted to do? Or was that what made you unhappy in your previous job? Maybe your next career step is to work for   yourself. Take this time to assess what can and cannot be realized.

4. Career Planning – One Step at a time

It’s fine to enjoy a few days of having to office to report to but it does not hurt to plan your next move. Where do you plan to apply? What are the qualities you are looking for in the next company that you want to work at? Having had past work experiences, your next career step will be a much easier decision for you to make.

5. Career Self-Assessment

After quitting your job, assess what you have learned from the past years. What newskills have you acquired that can help you in your next job search? Make a list ofyour skills and talents that you want to enhance. You can also list down those thatyou do not want to ever use again. Narrowing your skills will land you a job that best fits you.

6. Update Your Resume and Build an Online Brand

Even though you have just quit your job and not looking to go back to work yet, you can still update your resume. Take time to update your resume and add your past work history or talents that will attract recruiters and employers. Remember, your online brand must also be up-to- date. Get more tips on how to do that here.

7. Use Your Time Wisely and Upgrade Your Skill Sets

Now that you have no time-consuming commitments, it can be easy to throw time away by sleeping late and staying home all day. Spend your time wisely like you have a job to go to – except that this time, enjoy your day leisurely. Enroll into that French language class or learn how to use Adobe Photoshop so that you have the required skills for that ‘dream’ job you are looking for. Make use of the skills future credit that Singapore government has given you.

8. Be Productive

Find productive things to do that are worth your while so that it will not feel as if you are wasting time. Re-engage with past connections or friends. An unforeseen opportunity may arise from these re-connections.

9. Be Patient

Patience is a virtue. Your first attempt to find a job may not be fruitful but don't feel down.

10. Get That Side Project Done

You were probably working on something that you never got to finish because of work demands. Now is the time to finish it. For some people, quitting their job is a luxury whilst for others, it is a luxury that is a necessity because their job has simply taken a toll on their happiness. Whichever it is, just be prepared and quitting will not be so scary after all!

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Amos Tay

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