Strengths Essentials

Discover and Apply Your CliftonStrengths

Do any of these sound familiar? You struggle with work tasks, feeling like your work does not fit you. You wish you knew what tasks and roles would be a good fit for you. Or maybe you’re curious on what natural strengths you can leverage on for your current role.

Did you know that knowing and applying your strengths have a positive impact on your work productivity, career choices, and overall happiness and satisfaction with life. Imagine what discovering your strengths would mean for you and your career growth!

Imagine no more.
Start moving towards greater clarity of your strengths and how to apply them in 7 days!

What to Expect?

Strengths Essential is a unique program with self learning, reflection and coaching support blended into one and delivered in 7 hours, over 7 days. It is self paced, designed to equip you with discovery and understanding of your strengths and challenge you to apply your strengths for your career. The program includes these unique features

Total Duration
7 hours over 7 days
Program Details
Top 5 CliftonStrengths Assessment
1 hour Personalised CliftonStrengths and theme interpretation
Approx 5 hours Online Learning, Career Reflection activities
1 hour Learning Consolidation and Coaching

What Will I Learn?

By the end of the program, you will be empowered to:

Is This For Me?

Strengths Essential is useful and relevant if you are:

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