Re.think Talent Strategy

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“People strategy will always remain as a major competitive advantage for all organisations. At Hatch Asia, we are helping our clients realize this by partnering and enabling them through finding the right talent, developing the right leaders and designing the right culture.”

Desmond Tan, Senior Advisor

Talent Management Strategy

Assess & develop talent

Our HR consulting solutions works with companies to rethink their talent management strategies in adapting towards the future of work and enabling leadership transformation.

Our consulting approach

1 2 - Talent Strategy


Understanding Organizational & Market environment

What we do
  • Data Collection
  • Identification of problem/solution
  • Contracting on outcomes

2 1 - Talent Strategy


Cultural & Strategic Alignment

What we do

Alignment of solution to:

  • Organizational Strategy
  • Business Drivers
  • Outcomes
  • Culture

awareness - Talent Strategy


Ensuring the Right Execution Focus

What we do
  • Enabling the right skills/ mindset for implementation
  • Communicating the solution

3 1 - Talent Strategy


Execution & Follow through

What we do
  • Implementation of Solution
  • Measurement
  • ROI

Case study

1 1 - Talent Strategy

Change Management

Our EPC client undergone a merger and was concerned with integrating the work cultures

1 1 - Talent Strategy

Leadership Development

Our beverage manufacturing client wanted to improve their leadership culture, shifting from competitive towards collaborative.

1 1 - Talent Strategy

Coaching Culture

Our pharmaceutical manufacturing client wanted to shift from a process-driven culture toward a coaching culture for managers.