Future Ready Manager

Identify Potential Manager

Conventional selection processes, with little or no application of indicative data that points to the right hire for managerial roles, impact inefficient managerial practices. Together with our partner, we have derived 16 leadership behaviours that would be critical for a manager’s success and compiled them to 6 key competencies that are critical for successful identification of talent in a post-crisis economy.

Identify and select your high potential managers to lead your organisation during this post-Covid economy.

Resilience & Empathy

Ability to demonstrate perseverance and hardiness. Able to manage stress and quickly bounce back.

Remote Leadership

Ability to give team members more control and trust. Able to make self accessible and available to team members.

Cognitive Flexibility

Able to effectively adapt to a variety of situations and individuals. Able to adapt an approach as the requirements of a situation change.

Pragmatic Orientation

Ability to demonstrate intelligent use of resources and not waste self or team’s time. Able to self-correct and self-develop.

Digital Dexterity

Our talent research & analytics team provides insights and role brief to the talent, aligning career aspiration with the client’s role.

Frugal Mindset

Ability to work with constraints and maintain an innovative mindset. Promotes the approach of getting more done with less.

Sample Reports

A Look Inside the Future Ready Manager Assessment Center Report.
This assessment/development centre process, focuses on behaviours most applicable to a manager’s performance and was designed to capture many of the important characteristics of a manager’s role.

The report includes:

  • Feedback on performance on all the exercises attempted
  • Competencies overview
  • Areas for improvement
  • Strengths derived from competencies
  • How to develop behaviour that can improve performance
  • Action items that can implement immediately

We see mid-management as an important position to propel a business forward. They are the daily engagement drivers on the ground and an executor for business strategy.

For Hatch Asia, we help companies identify mid management in view for succession planning. We assess potential on the candidate we profiled. And this tool helps us do that.