How patting yourself on the back will advance your career

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Most of us know what steps we need to take to ensure that our personal success plans come into fruition, namely, hard work, good connections, and staying ahead of the crowd. But when it comes to career advancement, many people find it hard to toot their own horn – well, for those of us who have the decency to be humble anyway.

Yet when done subtly and at the right place and right time, self-promotion can be used as a great tool to help you get noticed without coming across as an annoying employee bragging about his empty achievements.

Many people are afraid to speak up for themselves in the business setting – and for good reason, since research has shown that the “humblebrag” can possibly backfire. However, if you find yourself stuck on the same rung on the career ladder, the act of self-promotion can often be the one thing that helps you move forward in your company. The following tips will show you how to ensure your value is being recognised by your bosses without coming across as a show-off.

Keep track of work achievements

Self-promoting is just like giving a speech – you have to know your content well. In this case, the content is you and your work. Having a list of your achievements will be useful in your next performance review. This might just translate into a raise or even a promotion, so don’t be afraid to mention these accomplishments during the appraisal.

Maintaining good relationships

Establishing amiable relationships in the workplace is never a bad thing. In this case, gelling well with your colleagues is proof that you are adaptable to any personality, which is an asset. Outside of your company, good networking is also a boon because you’ll never know when propositioning your achievements to someone at the next industry forum may result in a career change for the better.

Be a story-teller, NOT a boaster

It is important to croon in the right tune when singing your own praises. Research has shown that speakers often overestimate the joy that their recipients might have for them. This miscalibration conversely paints the picture of an annoying show-off. Instead of addressing your proudest moments in the company head on, frame your accomplishments as a narrative so that the story seems less of a pompous ego boost but a genuinely momentous milestone for the company and your career. Practice this with your close friends and family whom you trust most to perfect your storytelling craft so that you come across as a narrator rather than an overconfident braggart.

At the end of the day, it is your professional responsibility to let your boss know what you’ve been up to the past few months and provide reasons not to let you go. Don’t mistake self-promotion as an act of arrogance, but rather as a tool to boost both your self-confidence and career.


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Amos Tay

Amos Tay

I have over 10 years’ experience in the Logistics and Transportation industry working both as an in-house HR professional as well as an external recruiter. I have a Gallup CliftonStrength certified coach. Connect with me for your next Logistics & Supply Chain hiring role.

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