Our Methodology

Hatch Asia Talent Solutions

Our methodological approach to excellent quality is driven by best practices and the integration of our deep experience of the industry.

Our approach to excellent quality is driven by an amalgamation of our deep experience and exposure in the industry.

  • Client Interview
  • Role Debrief
  • Success Profiles
  • JD Development
  • Compensation Strategy
  • Qualified Consultants
  • With Relevant Industry Experience
  • Quality and Value Focus 
  • Deep Network & Industry Ties
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Behavioural-Based Interview
  • Talent Development Plan
  • Candidate Profiling
  • Gallup StrengthsFinder
  • Executive Coaching & Development
  • Custom Coaching Strategy

Getting to Know You

Building your A-team of executives is no longer about filtering resumes or lucking out with ad hoc ads. We approach quality candidates with a good track record with an excellent balance of tact and discretion.

We invest time and energy to understand your hiring goals, culture, and the required skill sets of the talent acquisition mandates prior to identifying talent. By doing so, we employ a holistic approach that is used to identify, assess and integrate talent that will compliment your organization. 

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