Is your job in jeopardy?

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Most employees are often concerned, even if they don’t admit it, about job security. But sometimes your gut instinct will tell you that something really is wrong, especially during situations like when your participation in meetings is no longer welcomed or needed, or when there are rumours about your company’s financial troubles. This is when you should be more worried: experts say that these may be signs that your job in jeopardy.

Before you make a move, know about the different prognostic signs that your job in jeopardy. Here are a few red flags you should look out for:


You are left out of important meetings

If you are being left out of, or are no longer invited to important meetings, you can presume that the ax is on the verge of falling. The more you’re being distanced, the more the chance that this is the case. As your employers know that you’ll be leaving soon, they would want specific information to remain confidential.

But don’t jump to conclusions just yet. If you wish to stay in your organization, it’s time to start looking out for new opportunities announced by your HR department or even better, communicate with your colleagues to gather more information about the changing work environment.


The relationship between you and your boss changes

Without regard to your current relationship with your boss, whether it is a good one or an onerous one, if he or she has started treating you differently lately – from something as jejune as avoiding a conversation to something more concerning like relieving you from some important responsibilities – it could be a sign that your job is at risk.

In this case, your best option is to try to reach out. If you feel occluded, try talking to your boss directly. If you feel that the conversation could be awkward, that’s a sign too.

However, if you do choose to talk to your boss, keep your conversation positive. Ask for suggestions that could help improve your performance. This will enable your boss to be honest with their feedback and help them understand that you are an ally and not an adversary.


There is a new boss or Management

It is common for situations like these to create an air of uncertainty. The way you are treated by your new boss can be a sign. If your new boss ignores you, or is mean to you, it can signify that your job is at risk. During times like these, instead of giving up and starting to look for a new job, think about what you can do.

A new boss doesn’t necessarily mean the end of your career at a company. If you want to be sure, seek advice from someone with more experience on dealing with your new boss. Even better, reach out to the boss directly to have a clear understanding of his or her mindset, and get an opportunity to demonstrate how helpful and supportive you can be.


Negative reviews and feedback

If your performance review has been coming back with issues lately, or if you have been receiving messages indicating mistakes that are being problematic for the organization, there is a good chance your job is in jeopardy. More than one of these messages or reviews is definitely a bad sign.

If you know that this is because of insufficient training or experience in a particular area, then you can try to fix it. However, if the feedback and reviews have been negative only recently, and you’re being evaluated out of nowhere, then your job in jeopardy.


Tips to demonstrate work values

Show stellar performance

Put in 200% effort in everything you do. Get to work earlier and stay late to attain better results. But remember to soft-pedal because overdoing it can sometimes end up being pointless.


Exhibit your successes

Some managers, especially new ones, may not be aware of your successes in the organization. So don’t hesitate to exhibit your accomplishments.


Remain visible

Many employees, when they fear of getting pink-slipped, usually tend to remain invisible or in hiding. But that’s not how you can save your job. If you wish to continue in the current office and fear a pink slip is on the way, start being visibly helpful to everyone around you, engage through social media, write blogs and articles, learn about client needs, and also lend a helping hand to managers in other departments.


Never beg for your job

Never, ever, plead for your job. It will only make you less employable.


If you still think none of this will improve your chances of retaining your job, start seeing the bigger picture and understand that this move can actually be beneficial for your career. Who knows: you could be one of those employees who secretly thank their former bosses for sending them off, because it helped them land a better job and obtain a better position in their career.

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