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Recruitment Checklist: How to identify the right talent

September 21, 2020
How to hire the right employee effectively

To identify and hire the right talent is tough. However, we know that getting the best-fit talent is pertinent to the success of your organization.

The process of searching and hiring the right talent can be daunting. However, with the right talent acquisition strategies in place, you can maximize the return on investment when looking for talent. 

To hire the right employee is an acquired skill. Therefore, getting the process right will save your organization both time and resources spent on the search.

Your recruitment process doesn’t have to be complicated. However, it must be strategic and refined to the priorities of the organization and the role.

Hiring Strategy

Regardless of how it is, there is one thing you must always remember.

Hire Slow, Fire Fast

This sage advice is based on the fact that hiring can make or break your company.

The rationale behind this famous quote is explained by former Apple employee, an entrepreneur, Guy Kawasaki who elaborated further by saying,

When you’re in a rush to fill openings to respond to growth, you make mistakes. Unfortunately, many companies adopt the attitude of, ‘hire any intelligent body, or we’ll lose business — we’ll sort everything out later.’

Guy Kawasaki

As such, advises organisations received are to take time in filtering the most fitting talents for the required roles. That is why many great third party recruiters get appointed for exacting such critical responsibility.

Also, ‘slow’ doesn’t literally mean slow in speed. It reflects the need to get a good look at all your data points before deciding.

Anyway, if you’re looking to understand what went wrong for you and for guidance on ways to hire the right employees, then this article is for you.

Challenges to Finding and Hiring the Right Person

45% of recruiters have difficulty filling positions due to a shortage of talent

(source:, 2019)

Here are other possible reasons why searching and recruiting talents is one of the toughest to achieve for many companies.

  • Struggle to find top talent because as high as 86% of them are already employed or not actively looking for a career change
  • The long hiring process within organisations led to some 60% of job applicants to quit halfway through the application process
  • Candidate experience became an important factor many employers overlooked, causing over 64% of candidates with negative experience while applying for a role. 27% of them admit that they will discourage others from applying.
    Positive candidate experience means better brand score, which consequently, will attract more talents. 
  • High hiring costs for employers. The average cost per new hire is as high as USD 4,000. 

Why is it Important to Hire the Right Employee

  • Save time & effort. You will get an optimised recruitment process because hiring and firing of talent are strategic priorities.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Time is money. The longer you spend on hiring the wrong person, the more it will cost you.
  • Team Cohesiveness. When you hire talent with the right attitude, you may get not just a motivated team, but a collaborative and productive team.
  • Drive Growth & Success. Every talent you hire brings some unique values to the company. Hire right, and they will help you grow the business.

Checklist for Hiring Employees

The following are factors to consider when you do employee recruitment.

  • Job Description
  • Channels
  • Beyond Resume
  • Personality Assessments
  • Define Company Culture
  • Job-Fit, Culture-Fit, Team-Fit
  • Interview Right
  • Check References
  • Beyond Experience & Education — Potential
  • Hire Slow, Fire Fast
  • Right Onboarding
  • Hiring Process

Selecting the Right Candidate for the Job

Selection happens not just based on one factor. You’ll need to match the job, company culture, team members with the candidate’s potential, experience, skills, and personal values.

How to Hire the Right Person Effectively

Advertise online to attract the right hire

One proven method to get you, potential candidates, is through online job advertising. 

It is a powerful method. 

Logically, people who respond to your ads are serious about looking for a job because otherwise, they will ignore due to ads blindness.

Now, all you need to do is to make sure the content of your ad is effective. Here are some pointers

  • Be loud and clear of the benefits of the role
  • Stress the opportunity and growth potential
  • Include other appeals from working in your organisation
  • Be creative with your engagement to make meaningful connections with them
  • Build a good brand rapport among the community you are targeting

Networking to know potential hire

Networking is a powerful tool not just for candidates looking for jobs, but employers too. 

Getting your brand name out there and letting it be known to more people will give you the advantage to illustrate your organisation, its management and the culture behind the organisation and more.

Here are some pointers

  • Make it a culture in your company to encourage your employees to host, participate or engage with others through events and activities. It communicates how your company is a place to work because it supports the community.
  • Become your local leader in areas where it matters, namely, a member of the chamber of commerce, the leader of an entrepreneurs’ club, and other professional associations where you get the opportunity to meet other potential professionals.
  • Develop and maintain a warm connection with a broad network of contacts. Keep in touch and abreast with the contacts occasionally.

Partner with a Search & Recruitment Agency to hire the right employee

If you think you need professional help. Then, it would be best if you considered a partnership with a trustable search and recruitment agency.

Here are some pointers

  • You’ll need to look at the cost structures the agencies are offering. Look for the terms and structure that’s best for your business. 
  • A smarter way to an effective recruitment partnership is to look for a no-obligation contract, somewhat like a pay-per-use concept. This is one smart way to bring down your hiring costs.
  • Be clear of what you want out of the partnership. Then, match your needs with what the agency can offer and support.
  • Always examine their ‘after-sales’ service and support. What happens after the talent placement? Will they continue servicing you through talent coaching? Will they assist if the talent placed is not suitable?

Final Thoughts

To hire the right employee is never easy. But the benefits of getting the best-fit talent is tremendous. Putting your efforts on your workforce will bring significant impacts on your business.

Making effective people decisions results in strong organizational performance. Therefore, ensure you invest time in understanding what talent your organisation needs and create processes that help you in identifying great talent.

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