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3 Eccentric Job Hunting Strategies You’ve Yet to Try

December 28, 2020
3 Eccentric Job Hunting Strategies

Frustrated with all the tried-and-tested job hunting strategies? 

This is a situation all too familiar to many candidates. 

You are a month (or two) into the job search, and the response is lukewarm at best. You are getting a few calls, and most of the resumes you have sent out did not even get a rejection note.

Shrouded by silence and uncertainties.

While it can be easy to slip into job search frustration (and watch a rerun of Game of Thrones on the couch, while eating ice-cream straight out of the container), now is your opportunity to break out of the rut. 

The best way to job hunt? Start from a clean slate.

These unconventional ways are perfect job hunting tips for new graduates and are sure to jumpstart your job search and move you closer to landing that dream job.

1. Be bold in your job hunting

Are you on LinkedIn? If you’re not, it’s time to get started. 

If you are, great! It’s time to fire up your LinkedIn profile. 

Reconnect with people who are already in your network and invite people who work at your target companies to connect. And don’t stop there.

Share content in your LinkedIn feed that supports your professional speciality—a job seeking tactic that will help people remember what you do. If you’re a digital marketing specialist, sharing an article around SEO best practices or posting actionable tips to boost web referral traffic would attract like-minded people from the digital marketing space.

Ask yourself: 

How do you bring your very best self into your digital profile, and how do you leverage your network in the current context? Think about what makes you different from your peers and use those insights to shine on LinkedIn.

All of these activities will allow you to build a foundation for your brand and network strategically (and intentionally). 

Quick tips for job-seekers: 

Create a two-three sentence personal branding statement that clearly outlines: 

  • what you do, how you do it and why;
  • and what you’re looking to do next. 

The statement will allow your personal brand to resonate with people in your network so they can pass along job opportunities that are a great fit for you.

2. Cut straight to the action 

Video interviews are now becoming the norm and will not likely change in the next few months. So why not transform your cover letter into an engaging two-minute video? 

With easy-to-use platforms like Lumen, your video cover letter would stand apart from the pile of written, templated cover letters by other candidates—and impress the hiring manager at the same time. Being in front of the camera will also give you practice for virtual interviews.

Quick tips for your job-seeking strategy: 

Pay special attention to what the company’s pain points are and show how you can solve specific problems with your skills and experience. 

You’ll want to focus on providing well-thought-out, succinct responses and be clear and direct about what really drives you, rather than just reiterate what’s on your resume.

3. Get creative with your job hunting (literally)

Applying for the role of a programmer or game developer? Turn your resume into an interactive game, take Robby Leonardi for instance. 

Are you a skilled graphic designer and love doodling? Convert your resume into a series of posters and advertisements using your imagination to bring out the best of your creative ability. 

Applying to be a voice-over artist? Put together an audio reel of your best VO bits and send it over to the hiring manager with a personal cover note. 

The effort you put into modifying your job application to suit the role would automatically propel you to the top of the candidate pool, and in front of the eyes of the company’s executives. 

Quick tips to beat those job hunting blues:

Don’t be afraid of trying something new. You don’t have to write your cover letter as a “clickbait” article to score an interview but whichever creative manner you choose to go with, keep this in mind: Make sure your application outlines your strengths, skills and experience clearly

The ultimate goal is to impress the hiring manager with your creativity but convey that you’re the right person for the job.

4. Bonus: Pandemic-savvy advice for job seekers

While most companies may be on a hiring freeze at the moment, job vacancies may come up in time. Now’s your chance to beat them to the punch. 

Be proactive and research the companies that could potentially need your skills and experience. Locate the hiring manager on LinkedIn (or equivalent) and drop them a compelling note about what they can do to resolve their pain points in the short-term. 

This tactic will make you memorable and keep you at the top of their minds especially when such a role becomes available. 

Quick tips to win the job search race:

When crafting your note to the hiring manager on LinkedIn, take a look at the company’s recent news to get a sense of where they are and what they’re looking to resolve in the coming months. 

Better yet, look at some of their recent successes and convey a compliment to the team for their hard work. Remember, be authentic and genuine in your note. 

Ready to jumpstart your job search?

Downturns will happen. Tenacious job seekers know that they can still make things happen even when things are tough. If your job search progress seems to be stalling, don’t hesitate to reassess your job-hunting strategy and don’t give up. 

With a little ingenuity and elbow grease, it’s not hard to vault yourself to the top of recruiters’ inboxes and give them ample reasons to keep your number (and email address) on speed dial. 

The secret to scoring your dream job? Craft your personal brand, get creative with your job application and be fearless in making the first move.

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