How to Ace an Interview?

Are you nervous? Do you have a big interview with the company you have been thriving to join? It’s pretty normal that you are freaked out. Most of us would.

But if you really want to land that job, you gotta act exactly the opposite. Sounds too tough for you? You should better bolster your defense mechanisms up. Don’t worry, we are going to show you the path.

So grab a mug of coffee and go through it as we are going to tell how you can ace the next big interview like a pro!


The 3 Big Researches!

Before starting you must look into 3 important facts –

  • Yourself
  • The job role you are targeting
  • The company

Chalk out your strengths and skills that you could showcase to them. You might have some training that might help you get the job. So, list out all the positive sides of you that you can think of. Oh, don’t forget to identify your weaknesses at the very same time.

Next, you have to do quite a bit of research on the job role that you are opting for. Try to figure out what you would have to do every day and how you can cope up with them.

Last but not the least, you should be aware of the company itself. What are their main business, how long have they been in the industry, predict the future of the company? In many interviews, they ask questions like the name of the CEO of the company. So, you better be prepared for that too.

Harvard career consultant Linda Spencer suggested having a prompt knowledge on these matters before going for it.


Looks Matter!

You can’t go on an interview wearing your beach outfit, right? You should obviously wear something formal even though you won’t have to wear formals on your regular work days. It portrays professionalism.

The elite HRs around the world said that different color schemes of your dress give different impressions. For example, Blue signifies that you are a team player, Black resembles leadership qualities, and Gray would suggest that you are analytical.

You should try to avoid wearing vibrant colors like orange or yellow because they would make you look unprofessional. Although some people said that it resembles creativity but most of the HRs have suggested avoiding wearing it.


How about Your Gestures?

Your body language can tell millions of tales. For example, if you sit back relaxed while the interview sessions, you would be assumed to be arrogant and unprofessional. Try to sit straight but not too much that makes you look uncomfortable.

Move your hands a bit while you are talking. You could hold your grips together like a church steeple. These gestures help you to show your sincerity and confidence.

Just remember, people don’t only talk with their voices, they talk with their whole body.


Don’t Blabber Around: Be Honest!

We have seen interviewees make resumes having tons of skills and achievements. While in reality, they have none. Don’t be that person. As eventually, the truth will come out.

Moreover, if you have managed to get the job by telling all these lies, you will probably suffer in the long run. So, try to be honest as Human Resources might even consider your honesty your biggest asset and hire you based on that behavior.


Be Confident and Positive

Confidence is the key to win out the interviewers. Most of the HR managers consider that being confident is the most valuable skill an interviewee can have.

So, boost up your confidence and keep telling yourself – “If anybody can do it, it’s you!”

So, say goodbye to all the negativities and bring your A-game! Your confidence and your attitude will win you the job of your dream. Best of luck!

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Amos Tay

Amos Tay

I have over 10 years’ experience in the Logistics and Transportation industry working both as an in-house HR professional as well as an external recruiter. I have a Gallup CliftonStrength certified coach. Connect with me for your next Logistics & Supply Chain hiring role.

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