5 do’s and don’ts of follow up emails and calls after networking

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Every time we go to a networking event, such as a conference, summit or tradeshow, we prepare. We want to meet people and connect with as many potential business partners or clients as possible. But what happens after you’ve collected all those name cards and made the connections?

Here are the 5 post- networking Do’s and Don’ts of how to convert the information and connections you’ve made into meaningful and actionable relationships.

DO review the notes you took during the event

Every person you exchanged name cards with was someone you probably shared a moment with. Take down mental or physical notes of what stood out from or what you had in common with the person you had an exchange with. Use these notes to later reconnect with the individual.

DO use social media to re-engage and follow-up

In this Internet age, it is easier to reach people with social media. Use LinkedIn or emails to connect professionally. You can follow their blog and give positive and constructive comments, reminding them of their interaction with you during the event.

Don’t use a default ‘cut-and-paste’ template

When you follow-up with your newly found connections, customise them according to the common grounds you have established. It is always easier to build a connection and relationship with someone who shares the same interests as you.

DO update your online presence

Make sure that your online resume is updated with your professional achievements. Establish your expertise in your field. People will then start to consult you for opinions and insights.

DO create a reasonably timed follow-up plan

Reach out to your connections on a regular basis and get in touch with them. Join LinkedIn Groups that is connected with the connections, your profession and interests. The key here is consistency but without being too persistent. You have to communicate and interact with them on a regular basis so that you can establish a presence.

Relationships are not built overnight. Simply follow these steps and remember that timely response is everything, especially when the connection is still fresh.


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Amos Tay

Amos Tay

I have over 10 years’ experience in the Logistics and Transportation industry working both as an in-house HR professional as well as an external recruiter. I have a Gallup CliftonStrength certified coach. Connect with me for your next Logistics & Supply Chain hiring role.

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