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Over the last 10 years, we have grown to deliver on multiple leadership searches across Asia. Having started from Singapore, we now have extensive capabilities to deliver across 8 countries in Asia and play a partner role to our clients to identify leaders and high potential.

Anirudh Arvind, Managing Partner

The future is present

The increased adoption of technology today in the 21st century has changed the way work gets done. We have partnered with companies in finding their best-fit talent across Asia.

Our industry-focused partners, subject matter experts and people analytics teams work cohesively with our clients to identify the fit for purpose talent for their organisations and have a reputation for leveraging data, science and technology to ensure we help organisations make effective people decisions.

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Here’s what we do:

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Our AI-driven technology, combined with our industry expertise drives reach from our data source to discover talent, increasing the speed and accuracy of the executive search parameters.

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Our talent research & analytics team provides insights and detailed role-briefs to the talent, aligning career aspiration, motivation and capability with the client’s needs.

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We look deeper into the market talent analytics through our data source, comprehension of talent’s experience using our 2-level validation approach and provide evidence for selection with our in-built executive assessments.

Our Industry & Functional Expertise

Our Certified Partners

We work with partners that bring value and push us forward to serve our client better

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Trusted by 100+ Companies

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Our Services?

We help redefine your talent strategy and identify your next leader in Asia.

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