Gallup CliftonStrengths for Managers

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Develop your Teams or Manager

Instead of searching for “Best Managerial Practices”, find out your manager’s natural strengths and invest in those strengths to build your team up to be the best managers they can be. Through science-based research, our Gallup certified coaches will provide focus on developing your team with their identified CliftonStrengths.

Know and understanding your innate talent to be a better Manager with Gallup CliftonStrengths

Your development journey begins here with

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Your top 10 strength themes

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Action Plans

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Achieving your managerial goals

A good manager motivates the team, is assertively drives outcomes, has clear accountability, builds trusting relationships, and makes effective decisions. Our CliftonStrengths report can aid in your managerial development to push you to be the best manager while building on your own strengths.

Sample Reports

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A Look Inside the CliftonStrengths for Managers Report
The content in this report is specifically for managers — whether they manage people or processes — to help them understand how their strengths can make or break their team’s success. It includes:

  • Your top 10 themes
  • Instructions for using this report now and into the future
  • How your themes contribute to your success
  • How your themes could get in the way of your success
  • Action items that you can implement immediately
  • A practical outline for achieving your goals

We know that the manager role is essential to every organization’s success, which is why we aren’t providing one-size-fits-all management advice. You, your talents, your team and your management style are unique. And it’s time for a developmental tool that reflects that.