Re.think Executive Assessment

“Talent assessments will be a true value add to our clients as we help organizations make the best people decisions by leveraging data, science and technology.”

Anirudh Arvind, Managing Partner

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Assess & develop talent

Our holistic assessment empowers businesses to make informed hiring and development decisions through precise data analytics that combines inclusive & diverse hiring practices.

We help you 
identify and develop 
your next generation of 
high potential leaders

Do you want to identify
potential managers?

Conventional selection processes, with little or no application of indicative data that points to the right hire for managerial roles, impact inefficient managerial practices. Together with our partner, we have derived 16 leadership behaviours that would be critical for a manager’s success and compiled them to 6 key competencies that are critical for successful identification of talent in a post-crisis economy.

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Do you want to develop
your teams or managers?

Instead of searching for “Best Managerial Practices”, find out your manager’s natural strengths and invest in those strengths to build your team up to be the best managers they can be. Through science-based research, our Gallup certified coaches will provide focus on developing your team with their identified CliftonStrengths.

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