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Hatch Asia has been retained as the preferred talent partner to assist a global organization in the building materials industry, to help identify a Innovation Manager. This organization has a rich history spanning over 160 years, and has a reputation for it’s customer centricity and is known for providing high-quality solutions that meet the diverse needs of it’s customers. The organization’s commitment to sustainability, innovation and customer satisfaction has positioned the firm as a market leader within the industry worldwide.

As Innovation Manager, you are the lead coordinator for innovation and new product development initiatives which involves orchestrating collaboration between customers and organization functions, particularly the Technical Center. Strive to identify and create novel opportunities, developing innovative solutions to drive business growth. Implementing and adapting the global Innovation Strategy into the local context is integral to enhancing the organization’s reputation for innovation, ultimately leading to increased client volumes.

The Challenges

  • Identifying Commercial Opportunities: Continuously scan the market landscape to identify and evaluate potential commercial opportunities, ensuring a robust innovation pipeline.
  • Developing Market-Focused Innovation Roadmap: Work closely with local leadership to build an insight-driven, market-focused, and brand-relevant innovation roadmap tailored to the specific needs of the region or country.
  • Customer Engagement and Insight Generation: Engage closely with customers through visits, observations, and other means to understand their needs, pain points, and requirements, facilitating the development of creative and customer-centric solutions.
  • Competitor Analysis and Insight Generation: Monitor, analyze, and generate actionable insights from relevant competitor products and activities in the local market to stay informed and drive competitive innovation strategies.
  • Promoting and Coordinating Innovation Activities: Lead the development, promotion, and coordination of innovation activities in the region or country, including open innovation initiatives, insight creation, and collaboration with external stakeholders.
  • Building an Open Innovation Ecosystem: Establish and nurture a local open innovation ecosystem comprising suppliers, customers, academics, associations, startups, and government entities to foster collaboration and drive innovation.

What It Takes

  • Minimum Bachelor Degree in Business, Marketing, Engineering, or a related field; advanced degree preferred. A Master’s degree of Innovation Management or relevant certificates can be a plus
  • Minimum 5 to 10 years prior experience in innovation-related roles and leadership positions.
  • Knowledge of emerging technologies, industry trends, and competitive landscape to anticipate future market demands and stay ahead of the curve.
  • Ability to adapt to change, navigate ambiguity, and drive continuous improvement in innovation processes and methodologies.

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