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Hatch Asia has been appointed as the executive search partner for a leading government technology and fintech organization in Kuala Lumpur. The organization specializes in offering innovative digital and financial services to enterprises and is known for it’s innovation mindset and its ability to push the boundaries when it comes to driving business performance through the infusion of embedded technology. 

As part of the organization’s growth trajectory, the team is looking to identify a Director, Ventures & Strategy to play a crucial role in shaping the growth direction of the organization. The role will be responsible for identifying and evaluating potential investment opportunities, driving strategic initiatives and providing key insights to guide the organization’s overall business strategy.

The Challenges

  • Venture Development : Lead the identification, evaluation and execution of investment opportunities in various digital businesses, with a focus on identifying organizations that will complement the organization’s current strategy. 
  • Strategic Planning : Collaborate with the executive team to develop and refine the company’s overall strategic direction, ensuring alignment with the long-term vision and growth objectives. 
  • Market-Analysis : Conduct comprehensive market research, competitor analysis and industry trend assessments to identify potential growth areas and evaluate market viability. 
  • Due Diligence : Perform a thorough due diligence on potential investment targets, including financial analysis, risk assessment and evaluation of strategic fit. 
  • Partnerships & Collaborations : Identify and cultivate strategic partnerships and collaborations to enhance the organization’s market position and expand it’s ecosystem. 
  • Risk Management: Assess and manage potential risks associated with investments and strategic initiatives, providing recommendations for risk mitigation and contingency planning. 
  • Performance Monitoring : Establish KPIs and develop metrics to monitor performance of investments and track progress against strategic goals. 
  • Stakeholder engagement : Build strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders, including investors, industry partners and the relevant government agencies. 

What It Takes

  • Professional Experience : significant experience and exposure within venture capital, private equity, corporate development preferably within the fintech and technology sectors. 
  • Strategic Vision : Proven track record in developing and implementing successful strategies to drive business growth, with the ability to think strategically and identify emerging trends and opportunities 
  • Financial Acumen : Strong financial analysis skills, including experience in conducting due diligence, financial modelling, and valuation analysis. 
  • Industry Expertise : In-depth knowledge of the digital financial landscape and a strong grasp of the levers that make up the industry. 
  • Leadership : Demonstrated ability to lead cross-functional teams, influence stakeholders and  make informed decisions in a fast-paced environment. 
  • Data-Driven Thinking : Exceptional analytical and problem solving skills with the ability to synthesize complex information and provide strategic insights and recommendations 

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Employment Agency No: 11C5794