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Hatch Asia has been appointed as the executive search partner for a leading government technology and fintech organization in Kuala Lumpur. The organization specializes in offering innovative digital and financial services to enterprises and agencies and is known for it’s innovation mindset and its ability to push the boundaries when it comes to driving business performance through the infusion of embedded technology.

As part of the organization’s growth trajectory, the team is looking to identify a Director, Strategy & Growth, the role will play a crucial part in diving the prioritization, scalability, and successful execution of the organization’s core product and service portfolio. The role will lead the responsibility for developing and implementing strategies to maximize revenue generation, optimize operations and ensure the seamless conversion of strategy into execution. The individual’s expertise in product prioritization, scaling strategies, and operational excellence will be instrumental in propelling the organizations growth and market position. 


The Challenges

  • Product Strategy : collaborate and lead product owners to develop and refine product strategies that align with the overall business objectives ensuring clear prioritization based on market demand, revenue potential and strategic goals. 
  • Scalability planning : Develop and implement scalable strategies to support the growth or the organizations flagship products, identifying opportunities to expand market reach, increase customer adoption and enhance profitability. 
  • Revenue Optimization : Drive revenue growth through effective pricing strategies, upselling and cross-selling initiatives and identification of new revenue streams or business models. 
  • Operational Excellence  : Optimize operational processes and workflows to ensure efficient and seamless product delivery, customer support and post-sales services. 
  • Strategic Execution  : Develop and implement execution plans to translate strategic objectives into actionable initiatives, ensuring effective collaboration across departments to achieve business goals. 
  • Performance Monitoring & Risk Mitigation : establish key KPIs and metrics to monitor the performance of product portfolio, track progress against strategic objectives and provide actionable insights to drive continuous improvement. In parallel identify potential risks and develop risk mitigation strategies to minimize disruptions to operations and protect the organization’s interest. 
  • Cross-Functional collaboration : Build strong relationships and collaboration with cross-functional teams, including product owners, technology, sales, marketing and customer support to ensure alignment and smooth execution of strategic initiatives. 

What It Takes

  • Professional Experience : Extensive experience in strategy development, product management and operations preferably within the technology of Fintech space
  • Strategic Vision : Proven track record in developing and executing successful strategies, prioritization and scalability plans to drive revenue growth and market expansion. 
  • Operational Excellence : Strong knowledge of operational frameworks, process optimization and performance measurement methodologies to ensure efficient and seamless product delivery. 
  • Financial Acumen : Demonstrated ability to analyze financial data, identify revenue optimization opportunities, and make data-driven decisions to maximize profitability. 
  • Leadership Abilities  : proven leadership skills in managing cross-functional teams, fostering collaboration and driving results in a fast paced environment. 

Priority responses will be given to candidates who are shortlisted.

Employment Agency No: 11C5794