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Hatch Asia has been appointed as the executive search partner for a leading government technology and fintech organization in Kuala Lumpur. The organization specializes in offering innovative digital and financial services to enterprises and is known for it’s innovation mindset and its ability to push the boundaries when it comes to driving business performance through the infusion of embedded technology.

As part of the organization’s growth trajectory, the team is looking to identify a Director, Marketing Communications, the role will play a crucial part in overseeing content creation, marketing and public relations within the organization. The role will be responsible to develop a comprehensive strategic marketing communications plan to increase awareness of the firm’s portfolio of products and services. The expertise in content creation, customer segmentation, marketing effectiveness, and public relations will be instrumental in establishing the organization’s brand identity and reputational capital as the firm champion’s its growth journey. 

The Challenges

  • Strategic Marketing Communications : Develop and implement a strategic marketing communications plan that align with the organization’s goals and objectives, ensuring consistent messaging across all channels
  • Content Creation : Oversee the creation of compelling content, including website copy, blog posts, social media content, thought leadership whitepapers and other collateral to drive engagement and increase brand visibility. 
  • Customer Segmentation : Conduct market research and customer analysis to identify key customer segments, their needs and preferences. Utilize this information to develop targeted marketing campaigns and personalized communication strategies. 
  • Marketing Effectiveness : Define key performance indicators to measure the effectiveness of marketing initiatives. Analyze data and provide insights to optimize marketing strategies, improve customer acquisition, retention and conversion rates. 
  • PR Strategy  : Craft a future-proof PR strategy to enhance the organization’s brand reputation and maintain positive relationships with media, industry influencers and other relevant stakeholders. 
  • Brand Management & Media Relations: Ensure consistent brand messaging  and visual identity across all communication channels. Develop brand guidelines and monitor adherence to maintain a strong and recognizable brand presence. Manage media relations activities, including press releases, media interviews and monitoring. Cultivate relationships with relevant journalists and media houses to secure positive media coverage and enhance brand visibility. 

What It Takes

  • Professional Experience : Extensive experience in marketing communications and public relations, preferably within technology and the fintech space. 
  • Strategic Vision : Proven track record in developing and implementing strategic marketing communications plans that align with business objectives and drive brand awareness and customer engagement. 
  • Content Creation : Strong writing and editing skills, with the ability to craft compelling and engaging content across various platforms and formats. 
  • Customer-Centric Mindset : Deep understanding of customer segmentation, customer journey mapping and the ability to develop personalized marketing strategies to effectively target and engage specific customer segments. 
  • Public Relations Expertise : Demonstrated experience in developing and executing successful PR strategies, crisis communications and media activities

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