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Hatch Asia has been selected as executive search partner to lead a confidential search for an extremely dynamic startup in Southeast Asia to help identify the organization’s Chief Product Officer. 

As the organization’s CPO this role will be responsible for driving the organization’s entire product strategy and development process. This role entails working in tandem with cross-functional leadership teams to define and execute the organization’s product vision.

This CPO will play a strategic bridge between business strategy and technical aspects of product development, ensuring that product aligns and meets with customer needs and organizational goals. 

The Challenges

  • Product Strategy & Vision :  The CPO will look to play a key role in shaping and aligning the product strategy with overall business goals and objectives. This is a highly collaborative role and will partner with multiple stakeholders to understand market trends, customer needs, market and competitive landscapes and work to develop a long-term product vision. 
  • User Experience & Design : The CPO will focus in creating exceptional UX by leading the design and interface efforts, you will lead the team and ensure products are intuitive and visually appealing, whilst providing a seamless experience and user journey to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. 
  • Market Analysis : Conduct thorough market research to identify emerging trends, customer preferences and competitive landscapes, enabling the  them to make informed decisions regarding product positioning, differentiation and pricing strategies. 
  • Product Development & Roadmap : The CPO oversees the entire product development lifecycle, right from ideation and prioritization to execution and release. This will involve working closely with engineering, design and multiple teams to ensure timely and high-quality product delivery while maintaining a clear product roadmap. 
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration : Collaborate with various departmental heads, ensuring effective communication, alignment and coordination throughout product development. Play the role of a strategic liaison between multiple teams to drive collaboration and shared goals. 

What It Takes

  • Strategic Planning : Ability to develop and execute a comprehensive product strategy aligned with the organization’s overall vision. Identify market opportunities, assess risks, and make informed decisions regarding product investments and resources allocation. 
  • Stakeholder Management : Interact with stakeholders including executives, investors and board members to present product strategies, roadmaps and performance metrics. Effectively communicate products value prop and business impact to gain support and alignment. 
  • Performance Measurement : Establish key performance indicators and metrics to track product performance, customer satisfaction and market success.
  • Team Leadership : build and lead a high performing team by providing guidance, strategic counsel, mentorship and support. Foster a culture of innovation, rapid testing and experimentation and continuous improvement to drive product excellence

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