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Why Career Transition?

The loss of one’s job is both painful and emotional experience. Having to deal with the emotions of loss, betrayal and fear due to loss of income, identity and self worth, it will take a while for impacted employers to get back on their feet.

Whether it is downsizing, right-sizing, mergers or restructuring, having adequate Career Transition Support in place sends the right signal about an employer who is committed about helping the ones departing prepare for their next stage.

Our Career Transition Approach

3-Stage Approach


We work with you to outline the Employee Transition process to ensure smooth implementation and understand all affected employee profile and roles.



Our trained Transition Specialists will provide personalised and group support for affected employees to build 5 essential job transition skills

  • Personal Branding

  • Resume Crafting

  • Practical Interview Skills

  • Job Search Strategy

  • Professional Networking



We track the efficacy of our program in both service delivery and employment outcome of all affected employees

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