How to succeed in life by creating a personal five-year plan

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Benefits of a personal 5-year plan

Whether in work or play, research suggests that the happiest individuals are those with definite goals, both long term and short term. If you wish to achieve more in your career (or, for that matter, in your life as a whole) it’s a common strategy to incorporate that time-honored adage into your work flow: open yourself to the five-year plan.

A five-year plan is basically what its name suggests: your vision of where you see yourself in five years’ time, and the actions you need to perform in order to attain that position. Your plan should involve all the vital components – career, love, life, personal development, financial development, travel, etc. – overall, a better standard of living. The goal? To serve as an outline for achieving the best life for yourself.

Succeeding in Life with a 5-year plan

Once you are done with creating your five-year plan, start looking for opportunities that will guide you toward reaching the objectives you’ve laid out. Then, review your plan every now and then to make sure that you’re on the right track. Also, keep revising your plan constantly to attain better rewards. In short, it’s a guidepost for you. You can edit as you see fit – provided you keep your goals in mind.

When it comes to creating a plan, everyone has a different approach. But if you’re still in the dark, here’s a great way to start out:

Start from the Present

One of the vital things that people often overlook after having devised a five-year plan is to live in the present. There’s nothing good in wasting valuable time by pensively living in the past or concerning yourself with the elements of the future. Therefore, when crafting your five-year plan, be sure not to get engrossed. Live in the now: everything about the past should be cast aside, and living in the future should only happen once it becomes your present.

Planning for your future is one thing. But living in it constantly will only result in anxiety. To live your most balanced life, lay the groundwork instead. Whether it’s in your career or in any other aspect of your life, plan for excellence: if you’re good at performing a task, gain an advantage in teaching yourself a priceless ability that will pay off down the road of your own personal development. In short, live in the future by focusing on the tasks in hand and excelling in them. For instance, if getting your own home is in your plan, learn first to perform well in your current job. When you perform well, you will eventually be offered a higher position with better pay, which will enable you to save money to attain your goal. It’s all about planning ahead.

Let your inner perspective guide you

Have you started working on your five-year plan? Have you established a plan of action? Great! Sit back and let your knowledge or perception help you advance. Do what is necessary without being concerned about what the future has to offer.

Once you come up with your plan and set short-term goals to achieve it, allow your acumen to perform them. Let your subconscious direct you in choosing the right option. When your intuition guides you in a specific direction, remember to act immediately. Be open to new lessons and changes along the way.

When you are seeking the help of this ‘inner perspective’ to guide you in achieving the goals you want to achieve, the best thing is to avoid asking for the specific things that interest you. Take the example of the new home: rather than asking for a new home, ask for the knowledge that will help you reach that point. It’s this inner perspective that will enable you to achieve the things you desire.

Quality matters

By learning to make use of the opportunities you come across each day and managing them as best as you can. You are paving the way for your future success. What really matters is the quality of your actions – not the quantity.

Take one step at a time and always be ready to adapt to changes. Then, practice. And always remember that life changes! Even if you end up with an original plan from the one with which you started, you can be sure you’ll end up with something better. Regardless of the result, you’ll have those things we all desire the most: personal fulfilment and excitement.

Vital points to reach your personal 5-year  plan’s goal:

  • Decide on your goal.
  • Choose the right plan to achieve your goal.
  • Remain open to changes and ready to pay the price for what you desire.
  • And most of all, start acting.

By finding the ideal balance between your aspirations and your reality, the sky’s the limit.

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Amos Tay

Amos Tay

Amos Tay is the Senior Partner of Hatch Asia. He is a Gallup-Certified CliftonStrength Coach and lead our executive search, coaching and expand our partnership development across the region.

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