How patting yourself on the back will advance your career

advance your career with self confidence

Do you know you can advance your career by just giving yourself a pat at the back? Well, at least not just literally but the implication of doing so.

Most of us know what we need to do so our personal success plans come into fruition.

Namely, hard work, good connections, and staying ahead of the competition.

However, when it comes to advancing your career, many people find it hard to toot their own horn.

Most of us perceive being confident and assertive as being a show-off.

On the contrary, when done subtly and at the right place and right time, self-promotion brings great results.

can be used as a great tool to help you get noticed without coming across as an annoying employee bragging about his achievements.

Many people are afraid to speak up for themselves in work.

For good reason actually, since research has shown that the “humblebrag” can possibly backfire.

However, you’d think differently if you find yourself stuck on the same rung on the career ladder.

So the act of self-promotion can often be the one thing that helps you move forward in your company.

If you’re looking to advance your career the assertive yet humble way, this article is for you.

The following tips help you ensure your value is being recognised by your superiors without coming across as a show-off.

Keep track of work achievements

Self-promoting is just like giving a speech.

You have to know your content well.

In this case, the content is you and your work.

Having a list of your achievements ready will be useful in your next performance review.

This might just translate into a raise or even a promotion. So, don’t be afraid to mention these accomplishments during the appraisal.

This is an assertive way to advance your career. To this end, you are seizing the opportunity to create more values for the company.

Maintaining good relationships

Establishing amicable relationships with others in the workplace is never a bad thing.

In this case, gelling well with your colleagues is proof that you are adaptable to any personality, which is an asset.

Outside of your company, good networking is also a boon.

Since, you’ll never know when your self-promoting achievements may result in opportunities for you to advance your career for the better.

Be a story-teller, NOT a boaster

It is important to croon in the right tune when singing your own praises.

Research has shown that speakers often overestimate the joy that their recipients might have for them.

This miscalibration conversely paints the picture of an annoying show-off.

Instead of addressing your proudest moments in the company head-on.

You should frame your accomplishments as a narrative.

So that the story seems less of a pompous ego boost but a genuinely momentous milestone for the company and your career.

Practice this with your close friends and family.

It is the perfect opportunity to improve your storytelling craft.

Being prepared with a story helps you appear like sharing rather than overconfidence bragging.

It’s your responsibility to advance your career or you’ll be stuck

At the end of the day, it is your professional responsibility to let your boss know what you want to advance your career.

Provide reasons for them to not to let you go.

Don’t mistake self-promotion as an act of empty braggings. But rather as a tool to boost both your self-confidence and advance your career.

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Amos Tay

Amos Tay

Amos Tay is the Senior Partner of Hatch Asia. He is a Gallup-Certified CliftonStrength Coach and lead our executive search, coaching and expand our partnership development across the region.

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