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As we continue to explore the idea of a Digital Footprint, Jobhatch would like to take a look at the world’s most popular professional networking site: LinkedIn. If you don’t already have a LinkedIn page, this is a great time to start one. And if you already do, take a look at the next few paragraphs to make sure your page is on point.

LinkedIn is the go-to if you aim to create business connections and network with like-minded people. It is very important that a business professional knows how LinkedIn works and the power it holds to getting hired.

LinkedIn Tips

LinkedIn is a very powerful tool that you can use for various purposes such as generating traffic to your business websites, customer engagement, lead generation, increase in sales, and many more. Below are some useful tips that you can use as a guide as you create or revamp your LinkedIn profile and make LinkedIn work for you so get linked.

Profile Creation

This is the very first step to be done: create a powerful profile that can attract other professionals. Make use of the Professional Headline where a tagline can be indicated instead of your company title. This can be a powerful way to make a good first impression, right off the bat.

Pay attention to the Background section of your profile and make use of the Summary field to convey to others who you are and what you do. Be clear on what you want to convey to others. Under the Interests section, list your interests and user-relevant keywords related to what you do. Using the right keywords can attract the right people.

Profile Photo

A photo really is worth a thousand words, so place a formal and professional photo on LinkedIn. The profile photo is one of the first things that people see on a LinkedIn profile: if you’re inviting someone, answering a query, commenting on something, or whatever: your photo is the first thing an interested party is going to see—your first impression. A cropped photo from a night out or a party will simply not do, as it will not give your profile the credibility needed. Make sure to post an engaging photo on LinkedIn.

Visible Profile

Adjust the privacy settings in LinkedIn and make your profile visible to everyone. While you can adjust what you share to a certain group, you can at least allow the public, including casual perusers, to see your profile. This is a professional profile, and at the end of the day, it isn’t of much use if you make it private: the whole purpose of networking will be defeated.

Link your LinkedIn profile to your other social media accounts such as Twitter, Google+, and even your personal or professional website.

Updated Profile

See to it that your LinkedIn is updated if you want to maximize your reach to the right people in the industry. Keep in touch with your contacts by updating your status and sharing relevant and interesting things. Indicate in your profile if you are looking for suppliers, partners, clients, or employers.

Past Jobs and Other Experiences

Volunteer work is a plus factor. Other jobs that you may have had in the past are strongly encouraged to be added to LinkedIn, as (since your profile is public) you never know who is looking. If you are a fresh graduate, listing your part-time job may get you a job, because the hiring manager knows the skill acquired in that job is useful.

Skill List

List the things that you are good at, and other special talents that may come in handy. Skills are an asset and these must be showcased. The skill list act as a guide that will guide you to the most relevant keywords to be included in your LinkedIn profile.

Connection Matters

You will receive a lot of connection requests on LinkedIn. This is the time to choose who you will add. You may add the wrong type of person who will not be really beneficial to your networking strategy. The more connections you have, it increases the chances for your to be found.

Post Status Updates

Status updates can make you visible to your connection because these updates will come up in the news feed. This can also serve as a gentle reminder to your connections that you are open to do business.

Add Media

Having something to look at or listen to, such as a presentation or other media links, can make your LinkedIn profile more engaging and interesting.

Connect with Groups

While there are groups that are full of spam, there are useful groups as well, where you can get help and in turn, give assistance to those who may need it. These groups often share the same interests, and this can help in your networking.

Personalized Connection Message

When you request a connection, try sending a personalized message instead of sending the generic LinkedIn connection request message. Tell the person why you want to connect. If you can explain, then the person on the other end might actually want to connect with you.

Get Endorsements

Previously, there were recommendations; today, there are endorsements. Give endorsements to connections, and they are likely to return the favor. By endorsing others, you imply that you are interested in what they do. This can also be a good conversation starter.

Make Use of a QR Code

Let others find you easier by generating a QR code that is linked directly to your LinkedIn profile. You can include this in your IDs during business functions, and even in business cards and letters.

We live in a digital age, and it is up to us how to make use and maximize the potential of the Internet to connect with other like-minded people.

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Amos Tay

Amos Tay

Amos Tay is the Senior Partner of Hatch Asia. He is a Gallup-Certified CliftonStrength Coach and lead our executive search, coaching and expand our partnership development across the region.

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