Why Hiring Interns Will Help Your Business

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Hiring Interns

Interns are often misjudged.

Particularly because they are green. And they need to be trained.

There were movies made about them. Tales of the bad, the good and the ugly have often been told.

However, multinational companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook and major banks all rave about their internship programs.

So why have you not started hiring interns for your company?

Whether it be big, medium or small, your company will benefit from hiring interns.

Benefits of Internship Programs for Employers

Are you not convinced yet on the issue of hiring interns?

Then, here are 8 irrefutable reasons why you should start your very own internship programs today.

1. Fresh and creative ideas

Coming from the midst of their studies, interns are filled with new and sometimes novel ideas.

They can bring a different perspective to your business operations.

Moreover, most of the interns choose to work to gain experience instead of idling their holidays away.

So you can assure that these are the people you might want to look out for in the future.

2. Tech savviness

It must be said that we live in an age beyond technology.

Screens have literally taken over the streets and any young, budding talent should know his or her way around this digital age.

It is rare to see any young person not familiar with social networking, digital marketing and more.  

With these interns in your company, why spend valuable resources in conducting external market research?

If your target audience is the Millennial group, you have them in your midst.

They will be all ready to be your invaluable source of data. These data allow you to remain relevant and competitive at hardly any cost at all.

3. Definitely less expensive

The cost of hiring interns is considerably less when compared to hiring full-time or part-time staff.

Of course, they cannot replace the value you would otherwise obtain from experienced hires.

However, interns have the willingness to learn and contribute to any tasks assigned to them.

The attitude makes them perfect for your immediate manpower needs and budget.

4. Become your advocate

As your internship program expands, so will the number of interns who have experienced your company’s work culture.

This will, in turn, allow them to take stock as to the type of corporate environment you have provided them.

There is a reason why students clamour for internships in certain popular companies of their choosing.

When you have provided them with the reality of how an organization operates, they are more than appreciative. 

They may even become supporters of your company by sharing their experiences with their fellow students, friends and family.

This is a win-win situation for both you as the employer and the interns as the employees.

5. Future hires

You may even find yourself in the rare situation of being able to recognize immense potential from the ‘ground-up’.

You can hire them before your competitor does.

What is more, these are future employees who have been imbued into your company’s culture.

So there is no doubt that they will feel comfortable continuing and progressing their career with your company.

Running an internship program also allows you to began filtering and choosing the best candidate for your future company.

6. Extra manpower

In the immediate future, your company needs the manpower for various odds and ends.

However, you know you cannot justify the budget to hire full-time or part-time staff.

This is another reason why hiring interns is an advantage. Their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn and training will also translate to effective results.  

As interns, they understand that they should prove valuable to your company as they are eager to learn about the industry they wish to develop their careers in.

Therefore, when you give them meaningful tasks and milestones to achieve, they will ensure in the smooth operation and success of your organization.

7. Testing ground

An internship program will also benefit the current employees in your organisation. 

The interns look to their more experienced superiors for guidance and instructions.

This will, in turn, encourage those in your company who relish in the idea of being a mentor and a leader.

Therefore, you will be able to test how both mentors and mentees work together.

You may even find that manager you have been looking for but has been in the shadows all this while.

8. Flexibility

Some interns may have additional schoolwork.

This simply means that there has to be some flexibility in their working times. This flexibility can be beneficial to you as the employer as well.

How? There will be times when you will not need the intern, thus further decreasing costs.

Many students are becoming more and more aware of the value of gaining experience in growing economies like Asia.

Many Asian countries are now popular for international internships too, especially in the life sciences and engineering sectors.

Singapore is also considered as one of the best foreign destinations for business finance interns.

With the consistent focus on Asian economies, we can expect more internship opportunities for local and international students which you should not miss out on.

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Amos Tay

Amos Tay

Amos Tay is the Senior Partner of Hatch Asia. He is a Gallup-Certified CliftonStrength Coach and lead our executive search, coaching and expand our partnership development across the region.

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