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3 quick tips to start being more active on LinkedIn

March 30, 2021

The world of LinkedIn can be intimidating, filled with impressive achievements of others, never-ending feed of news and articles. It is no wonder that many LinkedIn users prefer to maintain an inactive or semi-active presence on LinkedIn. Based on Kinsta’s data on LinkedIn users, only 40% of LinkedIn users use it on a daily basis.

The benefits of LinkedIn cannot be understated. It helps us stay updated with what’s happening in our industries and our networks. We can reach out to prospective employers, sales leads, long lost friends. We have a platform to share our opinions and views with the global audience.

So how can we move from being inactive users to becoming more active? Based on Kinsta’s study, the average time spent by a person on LinkedIn is 17 minutes per day. Here are 3 simple tips to help you become more active on LinkedIn in just 17 minutes a day.

Tip 1: Curate your LinkedIn feed

To maximise your 17 minutes, you will need to first declutter your LinkedIn feed (all the posts that you see once you load LinkedIn). You can curate what you want to see by using hashtags. LinkedIn allows you to find and choose the hashtags you want to follow. You can also look for inspiring people, thought leaders of your field, or companies of your interests and follow them. 

With these curation efforts in place, your LinkedIn feed will start showing you content that are relevant and customised to what you want to read and be updated on.

Tip 2: Make someone’s day

If something you read impresses you, respond to the person’s LinkedIn post by leaving a positive reaction or an encouraging comment. You can even share the post to help the person’s post go further and allow your network to benefit from it at the same time.

If someone you know did well for a specific project or is excellent in what he or she does, you can give affirmation and encouragement to the person by creating a celebratory post on LinkedIn, writing a personal testimonial recommendation or endorsing their skills.

Tip 3:  Build your professional identity

LinkedIn found that 40% of their users find it hard to describe their work to others. Thus, the setup of a LinkedIn profile was designed to help you construct your professional identity bit by bit. Whether it is to select a profile photo, define a headline, document work experiences and skills or record learning and volunteering experiences, each step of the profile setup helps you develop your professional identity a bit more. 

Instead of being overwhelmed with the sheer amount of updates to do, approach the profile creation process in small parts. Take time to reflect and build an identity that you would like your network to see you as. This process may even be cathartic for some people, with new realisations being formed in their minds as they reflect on themselves to build their profile. This process itself will be iterative, as your life and career evolves into new areas.

Having a good LinkedIn profile that represents you needs to be accompanied with active usage of the many LinkedIn features available to you. Take time to explore the platform, speak to people who are regular users and find out how they use it. It is never too late to start being more active on LinkedIn because there is always something that we can share and give back to others. 

If you need guidance and support for your LinkedIn profile, Hatch Asia Consulting is here to help. We have a team to help you analyze and review your LinkedIn so that you can reap the benefits of using LinkedIn. Write in to us here to find out more.

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