Anirudh Arvind

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

As the Managing Partner & Co-Founder in Hatch Asia, Anirudh co-leads the operations across Southeast Asia and works with clients to identify, assess and integrate both senior and emerging leaders within Southeast Asia. His promise to the search industry is to connect the right talent to the right organisation with a major emphasis on data, science and technology to improve the quality of people decisions we make as a whole.

Articles by Anirudh Arvind

Walk the Mile: What it Takes to Be a CHRO

Ani speaks to Zulfa Ashida Zulkifli, the Chief People Officer at UEM Sunrise Berhad on how her background in finance has helped in her career in human resource and how her vast experiences across regions and industries has changed her understanding of pe…

Daffodil for Your Thoughts: The Foundations of Empathy

Ani speaks to Frederieke Venderbosch, a cross-cultural effectiveness and inclusion specialist on how curiosity is a building block of empathy, how deep democracy can be used to foster empathy, and how building an empathetic culture does not necessarily o…

A Daffodil For Your Thoughts: The Personality of Assessments

Ani speaks to Yong Kit San, a Country Manager at Cubiks Malaysia. Kit San shares on how assessments can help in creating team cohesion, why organisation’s should assess candidates based on leadership values, and what organisation’s should clarify before …

Building A Sounding Board

I believe it’s fair for me to say that in today’s day and current economic climate, being an organisational leader is no easy feat. The role is being redefined so often. Along with customer demands shifting and new business models being introduced in order to assuage these new demands, we’re all constantly dealing with change […]

Daffodil for Your Thoughts: Building a Feedback Culture

Ani speaks to Mohit Rajkumar on the building a culture of feedback in an organisation, how to build psychological safety within a team, and how to give feedback upwards?