Anirudh Arvind

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

As the Managing Partner & Co-Founder within Hatch Asia, Anirudh co-leads the operations across Southeast Asia and works with clients to identify, assess and integrate both senior and emerging leaders within Southeast Asia, focusing on industries such as Professional Services, Technology, FMCG, Conglomerates, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistics, Shipping & Family Businesses.

Anirudh has substantial experience working with organizations across multiple industries on assignments such as identifying high performing and high potential talent across Asia, building and rolling out global talent acquisition strategies, crafting out succession strategies and working with clients across the talent lifecycle. He also has experience in the implementation of successful talent management strategies that have demonstrated strong ROI for clients across APAC, MENA and the US and continues to work in partnership with leaders to identify high potential talent, structure effective promotion and new leader selection assessments.

As a trusted advisor to clients, his promise to the search industry is to connect the right talent to the right organisation with a major emphasis on data, science and technology to improve the quality of people decisions we make as a whole.

Articles by Anirudh Arvind

Building A Sounding Board

I believe it’s fair for me to say that in today’s day and current economic climate, being an organisational leader is no easy feat. The role is being redefined so often. Along with customer demands shifting and new business models being introduced in order to assuage these new demands, we’re all constantly dealing with change […]

How to hire the right employee effectively

Recruitment Checklist: How to identify the right talent

To identify and hire the right talent is tough. However, we know that getting the best-fit talent is pertinent to the success of your organization. The process of searching and hiring the right talent can be daunting. However, with the right talent acquisition strategies in place, you can maximize the return on investment when looking […]

Successful Employee Retention Strategies

10 Reasons Employee Retention Strategies Fail

Employee retention has always been a major headache for companies, big or small.  We’ve been helping clients from various industries within human capital management for years. Most of them talk of one of the most challenging areas of talent management—employee retention. Years of data on case studies and results have had us compile the following […]

Diversity & Inclusion Best Practices in Your Workplace

Diversity and inclusion are the two trending topics discussed among recruiters and HR professionals widely.  Many organisations are publicly adopting diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategy (source: PwC’s D&I Benchmarking Survey) though we are without the success reports of their D&I strategy. However, it seems not the case for Singapore. D&I in Singapore Recently, Singapore has […]

Employee Retention Strategies

Effective Retention Strategies to Make Your Top Talents Stay

Many businesses have been using multiple ways and combinations of employee retention strategies. However, how effective are they and what should you do to adopt the strategies for the long run. Multiple surveys have deemed that skilled employees that are aligned to a company are hard to come by.  Nearly half of workers have left […]