Amos Tay

Managing Partner

Amos Tay is the Managing Partner of Hatch Asia. He is a Gallup-Certified CliftonStrength Coach and leads our executive search business across the region. With over ten years of experience, Amos has helped clients obtain quality hires through proven assessment methodology. He specialises in the supply chain and logistics sector across Asia and believes that “people matters”. This philosophy pushes Amos to deliver quality hires for his clients while helping candidates build strong partnerships among stakeholders focusing on individual strengths.

Articles by Amos Tay

Money can't buy happiness? True or False?

‘Money Can’t Buy Happiness’ Research Says Otherwise

If you randomly ask anyone on the street, the tune mostly sang would be ‘Money can’t buy happiness.’  However, multiple research says otherwise. Though we often questioned whether the statement—whether it’s true or not. According to the research by Purdue University,  individuals with a salary of $95,000 will feel satisfied in life Individuals with a […]

Lost your job? Doesn't matter you can follow these easy steps

Lost your job? Take These 3 Strategic Steps to a New Plan

If you’ve lost your job, this article is for you. Many people around the world have lost their jobs to the Covid-19 pandemic.  The unemployment rate in Singapore has gone up to 2.5 per cent from 2.3 per cent in 2019. (source:, Apr 2020) United Nation predicted that Covid-19 will take away the jobs […]

Team Management with Strengths

Team Management: How to learn from “The Last Dance”

What do the Chicago Bulls all-stars and effective team management have in common?  They’re both powered by a combination of strengths, resulting in higher productivity and outstanding performance.  Every player—including basketball legend, Michael Jordan—possessed unique strengths that complimented the team as a whole, leading them to conquer the NBA throne for three consecutive years, twice.  […]

HR Shared Services for Accelerated Growth

HR Shared Services: Accelerate Growth for Tech Startups

This article will talk about the roles of HR Shared Services in helping startups to accelerate growth. We all know the ample benefits of the sharing economy.  Think Grab, Airbnb, Mobikes, Taxify, and GoGoVan. However, the sharing economy is nothing new. The dynamic of sharing an asset among people or departments or companies are known […]

Business Guide Post Covid-19

A Strategic Business Guide to Post Covid-19 Pandemic

This is a business guide, a survival checklist, for future disruptions or uncertainties  This guide is addressing business challenges while aiming for valuable changes for the future and uncertainties. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed business strategies and perception permanently.  “A year ago, the world was coming to terms with a long, difficult journey ahead. Twelve […]