Amos Tay

Managing Partner

Amos Tay is the Managing Partner of Hatch Asia. He is a Gallup-Certified CliftonStrength Coach and lead our executive search, coaching business across the region.

Amos has helped international clients obtaining quality hires through proven assessment methodology and specialised in supply chain and logistics sector across Asia. He has over ten years of experience as an in-house HR professional and an external recruiter.

His vocation to augment success through business intelligence, continuous improvement and technological advancement has led him to implement various recruitment processes and solutions for companies of all sizes and help many individuals in their career.

He believes that “people matters”. Therefore, he wants to change the way many perceive recruiters as paper-pushers. He delivers quality hires for his clients while helping candidates by building strong partnerships among stakeholders focusing on individual strengths.

Articles by Amos Tay

Supply Chain Leader Series: Hiring the Right Mindset

Host, Amos Tay speaks to New Soon Tee of PICK Network on his journey of moving from the private sector to the government sector, PICK’s values and how that translates to making hiring decisions, and his views on what is the right mentality to have as a c…

Meet the Hosts of Single Steps!

Meet the hosts of Single Steps, Amos Tay and Anirudh Arvind. Join us as we speak about why we started this podcast, what we have learned from clients and candidates as an executive search firm and what we hope listeners can take away from Single Steps. 

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Build a Strong Team that Braves Disruptions & Uncertainties

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‘Money Can’t Buy Happiness’ Research Says Otherwise

If you randomly ask anyone on the street, the tune mostly sang would be ‘Money can’t buy happiness.’  However, multiple research says otherwise. Though we often questioned whether the statement—whether it’s true or not. According to the research by Purdue University,  individuals with a salary of $95,000 will feel satisfied in life Individuals with a […]