Getting that promotion today – 4 simple secrets

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Like anything in life, few people will want to stand still in any professional role for too long. In achieving personal goals, many factors are within your control, however that is not the case in your professional life. So how do you advance your career on to a better pay, greater responsibilities and more meaningful work when other people are in-charge?

1. Take initiative

The simple truth is if you wish to advance in your career, you need to ensure that the ‘powers to be’ are aware of your ambitions. As with human nature, there may be varying personalities that you have to contend and interact with. But don’t be threatened by such office politics.

Instead, be vocal with your supervisors and ask specifically what is needed for you to take that next step. Also, live up to the part you are after in every aspect including dress, attitude, initiative and knowledge.


2. Network and be seen

As Maya Angelou succinctly noted, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  So as matters of promotions depend on other people, it will only be beneficial to you to make allies. Undoubtedly, your closest ally should be your direct supervisor but take heed. Create meaningful relationships with your supervisor’s boss, head of HR and even your peers, especially when your colleague has your boss’ ear and can put in a good word for you.


3. Be ready to work smart and hard

You’re confident that you’re ready to be promoted but as they say in the Marvel universe, with great power comes great responsibility. So be prepared to sacrifice some time with your friends and family or that hobby you’ve enjoyed. As you advance in your career, it’s more important than ever to be highly organised with your time in order to fulfil your new role’s responsibilities while maintaining a healthy social life.


4. Offer substance

Today’s technology and other environmental forces evolve rapidly. It is only logical to keep up with the times and expand your knowledge and skill sets in areas that are critical to the role and your organisation. Not only should you keep current with your industry’s latest trends, you should also sustain an interest outside your specialty. This way, you are offering invaluable soft and hard skills, making it difficult for management not to promote you.

Getting a good evaluation during your performance review and being promoted is not without its arduous work, dedication and sacrifice. With these 4 simple tips, advancing your career has just become slightly easier.


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Amos Tay

Amos Tay

I have over 10 years’ experience in the Logistics and Transportation industry working both as an in-house HR professional as well as an external recruiter. I have a Gallup CliftonStrength certified coach. Connect with me for your next Logistics & Supply Chain hiring role.

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